Learning keeps the brain young

Learning keeps the brain young

York University and the American Academy of Neurology also conducted their own studies about bilingualism and dementia. Both institutions found that switching from one language to the other activates areas of the brain responsible for executive functioning. This involves the same area that is responsible for completing tasks.

According to the studies, utilizing this part of the brain often can decrease cognitive decline and can delay the initial effects of dementia. It must be noted that a third language is not required unless you are already bilingual. For multilingual individuals, learning a new language when you reach the age of 50 is a good way to improve brain health.

Socialization can help improve an older individual’s general well-being. A new language can open a whole new world for seniors because they get to learn about a new culture at the same time. They’d also get to watch films in their second language without having to rely on subtitles. If you think you’re already too old to learn something new, it’s time to prove yourself wrong. Learn a new language today and reap its long-term benefits.

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